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ZD DT Services | VPF, Vive Pasión Flamenca – Tu anfitrión del Flamenco en Madrid


Photo by: Carmen Fernández – Enríquez.


We program all kind of Flamenco concerts and shows in different spaces and theatres. We also coordinate both artist and space, managing every production task to carry out the performance.


Artist Agent and Executive Production of shows and performances we manage. We work together with the artist in a close and personalized way in every step of the process.


Executive production of several festivals and performances, managing everything to carry out the production. Always focused to the artistic part and taking care of every single detail. Vive Pasión Flamenca is known for the personalized service and care for artists and the main point of our job.


Programmed performances:

Teatro Fernán Gómez

  • Antonio Reyes – Album “Que suene el cante” presentation – 06.11.2020

Teatro Flamenco Madrid

  • Ingueta Rubio – New album release and presentation – 25.05.2019.
  • Carlos de Jacoba & Jesús de Rosario – “Punto de Luz” – 11.05.2019
  • Tribute to Víctor Monge “Serranito” – 13.01.2019.
  • Ingueta Rubio – New single release and presentation – 17.12.2018.
  • Naike Ponce – “Vivir” – World premiere – 10.12.2018.
  • Amós Lora – “Quinteto” – 03.12.2018
  • Jesús de Rosario & Joni Jiménez & Kilino Jiménez – “Tres Sentidos” – 19.11.2018
  • Rancapino – Guest artist Esmeralda Rancapino – 22.10.2018

Festival Flamenco Madrid

  • Opening concert “Con M de Mujer” Mayo 2018: Juana la del Pipa, María Vargas, Mari La Coneja, María Terremoto, María Mezcle, Montse Cortés, Aurora Losada, Encarna Anillo, María Mezcle, Maui, “La Shica”, Naike Ponce, Rocío Bazán, Mayte Maya – 16.05.2018.
  • El Purili, Manuel de la Tomasa and Rubén Lara – “18” – 06.06.2018
  • Mari Peña, Carmen Ledesma and Antonio Moya – 09.06.2018
  • Miriam Méndez

Suma Flamenca

  • Rancapino Chico – New album presentation “Por Mi Amor al Arte” Teatros del Canal – 21.06.2019
  • Esmeralda Rancapino – Performance at Casa Museo Lope de Vega – 22.06.2019

Café Berlín


  • Artistic representation of Víctor Monge Serranito, guitar player of guitar players. He will begin his tour  “Como un sueño” (like in a dream). This is how he feels like, as if he were in a dream, for coming back in the stage for the last time after more than 60 years of career. This last tour is a goodbye to finish his artistic career full of success all over the world, in which Serranito has thrown all his energies and illusions.

The tour will start at Festival de Cante de las Minas de la Unión 2021 and will finish in Madrid, where he was born. Thus, he will achieve his dream of saying goodbye the way he does it his best, playing and expressing himself through his six strings.

Víctor Monge Serranito - Como un sueño

  • Artistic representation of the flamenco pianist Antón Cortés. With an incipient professional career, this self-taught artist already enjoys different recognitions such as being a finalist in the 2021 International Cante de las Minas Contest or a semifinalist in Got Talent Spain. Antón, in addition to playing the piano, is the composer of many of the musical pieces he performs.

  • Artistic representation and executive production of the show “Las Guitarras de los Ríos” (“The river’s guitars”), by Jerónimo Maya and Rycardo Moreno:

    “Tú me tienes que buscar

    como el agua busca el río

    Y el río busca la mar”.

“You have to search me

the same way water searchs the river

and rivers search the sea”.  (Popular lyrics).

Rivers make paths to reach the ocean. This way we can define these guitar players. They have been searching and growing their own paths their whole lives trying to reach the ocean of guitar-knowledge, and this way, contribute something, even if it’s only a single detail, to the legacy of flamenco guitar to the coming generations.  

Jerónimo Maya and Rycardo Moreno, Rycardo Moreno and Jerónimo Maya have decided to come together to tell us the way they feel through this show and their twelve strings. Two of the guitar players nowadays with most tradition and vanguard. Two guitar players with focus on transmission of emotions. Soul and heart to create this show and continue with their endless search.

The premier of the show will take place the 17th October 2021 in Madrid, in Cofidis Alcázar Theatre.

  • Agent and producer of the Madrilenian flamenco guitarist Joni Jiménez. Programming and production of the show inauguration “Tres Sentidos”, in Teatro Flamenco Madrid. Together with Jesús de Rosario and Aquilino Jiménez, the three of them, are the most representative guitars of the madrilenian school Caño Roto nowadays. In spite of his youth, Joni Jiménez has an implaccable long carreer. He has shared stars such as the singers Arcángel, Estrella Morente, Miguel “El Rubio”, Ingueta Rubio or Israel Fernández. Also the dancers, such as Antonio Canales, Belén López, Rapico or Gema Moneo.


  • Agent of Ingueta Rubio flamenco singer. Recently we have launched his first album in collaboration with the producer Paco Ortega. It has been recorded in Musigrama Studios with the stamp of Dulcimer Songs. Executive producing of all of his performances.

  • Agent and producer of the Flamenco Dancer José Carmona “Rapico”. Executive production during the creation and afterwards, exhibition of his shows “Rapikeando” and “Errante”, with opening nights in Teatro Real de Madrid (2019) and in Festival Flamenco de Torrelodones (2016) respectively.

  • Agent of the play “Lorca, Mi Guitarra”, created by the guitar player and producer Paco Heredia. Monograph about the poet, in which he reharmonizes his music and also musicalize some of his poems never musicalized before.


Teatro Fernán Gómez

  • Antonio Reyes – Album “Que suene el cante” presentation – 06.11.2020

Festival Flamenco Madrid

Responsible for the Executive Production of the Festival Flamenco Madrid (2017 y 2018) coordinating this department and providing solutions to all needs together with Ángel Rojas (artistic director).

Rodaje vídeoclip “La Violetera”

Production during the videoclip filming “La Violetera”, promotional video of Festival Flamenco Madrid 2018.

Record Flamenco Madrid (2018)

Executive production of the Opening event of Festival Flamenco Madrid (2018). In this event, which took place in Colon Square in Madrid, the record of largest gathering of people dancing flamenco was achieved. This event was conducted by Riki Rivera and El Junco, and a lot of artists participated, such as Alfonso Losa, Farru, Miriam Méndez, Manuel Reyes, Enrique Pantoja, Luismi Manzano, Las Turroneras, etc.

Record Flamenco Madrid (2017)

Executive production of the Opening event of Festival Flamenco Madrid (2017). In this event, which took place in Colon Square in Madrid, the record of largest gathering of people dancing flamenco was achieved. This event was conducted by Antonio Canales and other artists like José Carmona Rapico, Pol Vaquero Mónica Fernández, Jesús Carmona, Guadalupe Torres, Encarna Anillo, Lucía Campillo, Maui, Marco Flores, etc., participated.

Opening concert “Con M de Mujer”

Executive production of the opening concert of Festival Flamenco Madrid (2018). All these artists collaborated: Juana la del Pipa, María Vargas, Mari La Coneja, María Terremoto, María Mezcle, Montse Cortés, Aurora Losada, Encarna Anillo, María Mezcle, Maui, “La Shica”, Naike Ponce, Rocío Bazán, Mayte Maya, Enrique Pantoja, Pablo Rubén Maldonado, Joni Jiménez and Luismi Manzano.

Teatro Flamenco Madrid

  • Ingueta Rubio – New album release – 25.05.2019
  • Gala Homenaje a Víctor Monge “Serranito” – 13.01.2019.

Ideologist and executive producer of the Tribute to Víctor Monge “Serranito” participating Víctor Monge “Serranito” himself, Gerardo Núñez, Rafael Riqueni, Pepe Habichuela, Vicente Soto “Sordera”, El Entri, Óscar Herrero, José Carlos Gómez, José María Bandera, Jesús de Rosario, Joni Jiménez, Aquilino Jiménez, Javier Conde, Mario Herrero, Mario Parrana, David Pino, Ingueta Rubio, Rocío Díaz, Eva Durán, Manuel Seoane y Cari Rosa Varona. The performance was presented by José Manuel Gamboa.

  • Ingueta Rubio – Single launch – 17.12.2018
  • Naike Ponce – “Vivir” – World premiere – 10.12.2018
  • Amós Lora – “Quinteto” – 03.12.2018
  • Jesús de Rosario, Joni Jiménez and Kilino Jiménez – “Tres Sentidos” – World premiere – 19.11.2018

Café Berlín

  • Rancapino – 27.01.2017

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