VPF experiences

Oscar Gallardo en la guitarra

Photo by: Sara G Punto Foto


An intimate experience, as it is natural to flamenco, in the company of the two or three persons of your choice. You will live the show in the same way that true flamenco lovers would enjoy it.


The type of show proposed is the one I would choose for myself, pure flamenco in its purest essence oriented to the true lover and fan of flamenco music. You will be able to choose from an array of coming shows in the dates of your choice.


We offer you the possibility to meet our deepest roots, enjoy the most authentic flamenco art: everything that we experience in our daily life in Spain, in our fiestas, the most passionate “cante” and flamenco dance.


My passion and love for flamenco art have led me to live it in all its possible forms: listeing, reading, living and feeling it. I will make use of all my knowledge to help you to fully enjoy the show that we are going to share.


Vive Pasion Flamenca - The experienceIT’S EASY. Just contact us and give us your preferred dates and the tipe of VPF experience you would like to take part in.

As good hosts do, we will take care of everything and make the necessary arrangements for you. You will need just to come and enjoy.

And we are sure you will want to repeat it!!




According to the type of show you would like to see: singing, dancing, guitar playing or all in one, we will look at the various possibilities on offer on the agenda in Madrid at that particular moment for you to choose from.

We will get the invitations to the show and from then on we can fully enjoy our flamenco evening.


Live flamenco in an exclusive, different way. You can attend a recording session in the best recording studio in Spain, Musigrama. Meet the artist/s and share with them, in the frontline, how they live the creation of their art, their hopes, their anxiety and their passion. A unique opportunity, just for you, that you can live with us.

Other Option: We converted Musigrama in a theater and we do a flamenco show there for you and your guests. In a private session. Best Flamenco artists will be showing in this experience.


Enjoy the pleasure of a juerga flamenca at home, the way we enjoy flamenco art ourselves, with our relatives and friends, in an intimate and unforgettable way. Vivepasiónflamenca organises, in a superbly located private villa, a unique exclusive live experience with the best flamenco artists of the moment, just for you and your guests.


In this experience we adapt to you. We take Flamenco wherever you might need it. We can also look for a venue to celebrate a flamenco event for however many people you might need. We hire professional artists and take wherever you might need. We take care of everything, stage, lights, sound equipment and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy yourself. You can let us know whether you want something more classical, or more racial, or if you prefer dancing, or just singing and guitar. We do everything “Your Way”.  We guarantee pure, 100% Flamenco. We have the collaboration of the best artists at the moment. Ideal for Business, Hotels, Events, Celebrations …


paco-ortegaHello, my name is Paco Ortega. Producer, composer and singer. For many years I have lived the Flamenco with Passion. I had the opportunity to work with the best flamenco artists. Besides, most of the greatest stars of the flamenco have come to my studio,  Musigrama: Morente, Paco de Lucía, Niña Pastori, El Cigala, Mercé, Joaquin Cortés, etc. I met María. I think it is a great idea that she becomes a special host for flamenco events, selecting only the best, the purest and most autentic flamenco, and helping you to live flamenco with passion.

By choosing her, you are in good hands!

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