About me

María Larroca

Photo by: Paco Manzano

My name is MARÍA LARROCA and I feel passion for FLAMENCO.


My father is from Cádiz (Andalusia), and my grandfather was Extremaduran, I created VPF when I was 35 years old and I think of flamenco not only as an art , but also as a way of life , a feeling, a passion… and so, it is part of my everyday life; since I was a very little child, I have got up and gone to bed to the sound of bulerias, alegrias, fandangos and martinetes..


I have always thought that flamenco is the only thing that has given to me what I expected from it every moment ; if I need to dance , I listen bulerías or tangos, but if I want to concentrate,then I listen to to Manuel Sordera, whenever I wish to cry , I look for a broken voice which sings solea, seguiriyas o tarantos for me, and this is how my days go by, and how my love for flamenco is growing more and more.


Today, I have decided to devote my whole life to flamenco and I want to live off this feeling, as well as to bring my profession and the world of flamenco closer; consequently, after several years working as an executive secretary in different sectors, I find myself in a personal moment in which I don’t want to waste any second, in the same way I don’t want to give up flamenco; I have just been a mother, and , for my son Manuel and for me, I have resolved to make compatible my livelihood and my personal project , and what I would like to do the most in this world is to be able to harmonize both things with my passion for flamenco.


This is the reason why I wish to go on this adventure: I am planning to be a flamenco guide in Madrid, I have noticed that here and now there is not any service in which anyone, being a tourist or not, who wants to see a good show, different from the ordinary one, a service which goes further and leads you to the roots of this art; anybody who wants to feel for a while the same as I do every moment, will have the chance of doing it.

But you may be thinking… How? The answer is very simple: Just contact me. The only thing you have to do is:

– Tell me what style you would like to enjoy, such as just an intimist guitar and singing concert, a flamenco dance show, with some “DUENDE”(flamenco feeling or magic) for a while…

Then, I will find for you the best offers in Madrid whenever you need it;

I will make you different proposals, and go with you to the show you have chosen;

I will share with you and your companions a moment that I am sure you won’t fail to be impressed and moved.

In other words… I will arrange your visit and you will really enjoy it.


If you want to feel this art live and direct , be passionate about it, and enjoy it in the front row accompanied by an experienced person, I am that person you must contact with. I am looking forward to helping you with your new experience!!

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